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High Vibration Loads

Generators in wind turbines are subject to high vibration loads. This additional permanent load has a negative influence on the cages and places strain on the lubricant.

  • High speeds
  • High temperatures
  • High vibration loads
  • Risk of the passage of current

Prevention of Damage due to Current Passage

Damage due to the passage of electrical current

Current passage causes serious bearing damage and thus leads to premature, unexpected failure of a motor or generator:

  • Craters caused by melting
  • Molten droplets
  • False brinelling
  • Discoloration
  • Micro-wear
  • Premature aging of the lubricant
  • Noticeable noise behavior

Longer operating life due to current insulation

Current-insulating bearings prevent damage due to the passage of electrical current and thus ensure lower maintenance costs and higher machine availability.

All current-insulating bearings have the same dimensions and load carrying capacities as those without insulation, which makes them perfectly interchangeable.


Current-insulating cylindrical roller bearing
Current-insulating cylindrical roller bearing
  • Highly wear-resistant insulating layer
  • Breakdown voltage up to 5,000 volts DC
  • Also suitable for damp environments
  • Good conductor of heat
  • Interchangeable with standard bearings
  • Aluminum oxide ceramic layer
  • Different coating types are available for optimum functional performance

Hybrid Bearings

Current-insulating hybrid bearing
Current-insulating hybrid bearing
  • Maximum protection against passage of electrical current
  • Low wear in the rolling contact
  • Longer bearing and grease operating life
  • Suitable for high speeds
  • Good emergency running characteristics
  • Rolling elements are resistant to chemicals
  • Interchangeable with standard bearings
  • Hybrid bearing
  • Ceramic rolling elements
  • Same dimensions as standard bearings
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