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At Schaeffler Philippines, your development is our priority. Highly qualified employees are a key success factor – now more than ever. Given the increasingly shorter innovation cycles and rapid technological progress, knowledge becomes obsolete fast. Therefore, we strive for lifelong learning and continuous education with various offers pooled together under the Schaeffler Academy. We have a wide range of available courses, we offer language, communication or intercultural trainings to allow you effective collaboration with global peers.

Leadership and high-potential programs support your personal growth and career development. Furthermore, we provide target group specific trainings focusing on future trends to ensure our employees are well equipped for tomorrow’s challenges.

Professional trainers, modern teaching methods and technology help to guarantee a high transfer of skills and expertise. Our learning opportunities aim to support all employees in achieving professional and personal goals – from entry level to top management. We at Schaeffler Philippines want to support our employees every step of the way.

Talent Management

Talent management is essential at Schaeffler, as people make the difference. We continuously offer exciting opportunities to develop you to the best of your potential through our global talent management processes.

In Schaeffler, we aim to enhance employee’s individual performance and continuous development, through setting goals with clear expectations, and continuous feedback dialogs. Employees will have performance goals that will empower them to take ownership for their work, and development goals that will prepare them to succeed in the current role and for future career advancement

An annual discussion is held globally to foster development opportunities across countries and divisions, to ensure sustainable talent pipeline for our future success in Schaeffler.

Join us to become our talent, to receive these opportunities to push your boundaries and gain new exposure! Unleashing your potential for a rewarding career with us in Philippines, or in our other locations worldwide.

Hear From Our Employees

Evan Campos (Industrial Sales, Philippines)

I have stayed at Schaeffler for over 13 years due to the countless opportunities available. The company has provided professional development that has kept my skills and knowledge relevant as the industry constantly evolves with new techniques, practices, and technology. This is done through various training and online courses that enhance my problem-solving skills, analytical thinking, and communication. These courses and programs also help me share my ideas and solutions while challenging me to try new ways of approaching the same task or problem. Additionally, team-building trips and occasional gatherings have helped develop my interpersonal skills by communicating and interacting with my peers and colleagues.

My job as a Senior Sale Engineer has allowed me to travel and expose myself to real-time customer issues and needs. Moreover, the experience has given me the chance to boost my critical thinking skills as I develop sales strategies and interact with clients. Schaeffler further provides fair employee relations, a safe work environment, office-based facilities, strong support for learning and development, and numerous benefits that any employee would want from the company he works for.

Michael James Piagola (Industrial Sales, Philippines)

In my eight years working at Schaeffler, I am very fortunate that I landed at Schaeffler in the early days of my career, where I considered working until retirement. As a Field Service Engineer, there is a need to be constantly updated on the latest product information and industry trends to support our customers.

In this area, Schaeffler is very supportive in giving training and certifications to enhance our knowledge and qualifications. Sometimes, I like to view Schaeffler as a University where learning is continuous. This is evident through the company’s technology centers and Schaeffler Academy Platform, where different online training is available for employees to study at their own pace. Moreover, Schaeffler also supports employees in accomplishing certification internationally, such as the Vibration Analyst Certification, which I have set as a goal.

I feel that Schaeffler cares about its employee and is fair on its benefits. Furthermore, safety and wellbeing are always a priority at Schaeffler, where everyone treats each other as a family. For that reason, I am always proud to recommend Schaeffler as an employer to others.

Charleson Peralta (Industrial Sales, Philippines)

Working with Schaeffler has given me an opportunity that other companies haven’t. I started as a sales engineer and was promoted to Sales Manager while leading the Philippine Industrial Sales Team despite any sales experience.

I enjoy the constantly changing environment and working with some of the best people locally and within the Asia Pacific. Schaeffler offers training and endless possibilities to learn while motivating you to be successful. I have gained experience from brilliant people throughout the company and customers who have influenced my development in all positive aspects. Everyone from the management team is supportive and understands that providing excellent service to our employees is the key to success. It also makes me proud to be surrounded by such talented and leading-edge professionals.

Schaeffler has a great working environment, and my colleagues are always willing to assist me in getting things done for the teams. I appreciate the great teamwork, fun activities, and most of all, respect for each other.

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