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Measuring system bearings with MHI measuring heads for incremental, inductive angle measurement

Robust and functional safety compliant measuring system for excellent machining quality, maximum machine availability for electrically driven axes in machine tools

Your benefit:

  • Excellent positioning accuracy and extremely small positioning scatter band
  • Optimal positioned incremental angle measuring system
  • High machine availability
  • Easy assembly and adjustment
  • Lots of engineering options
  • Functional safety compliant measuring systems for safety-relevant, electrically driven axes
  • No additional components for the measuring system
  • Compatible with all relevant control systems
  • Stable data transmission by using slip rings

Comprehensive reasons to use YRTCMI measuring system bearings

Extremely high machining quality

YRTCMI measuring system bearings allow precise, reliable angular measurement to be carried out directly in the bearing level. The installation situation reduces the positioning scatter band, which produces extremely high machining accuracy.

Incremental measuring method and data transmission

Analog signal 1 Vpp compatible with all relevant controls. The measuring device has a second distance-coded track to establish the absolute reference. The continuous analog voltage ensures the stable data transmission via slip rings.

Inductive operating principle

As a result of the reliable and fail-safe inductive operating principle, machine failures are prevented. Extremely easy to install and service the YRTCMI increases the machine availability. The axial head can be mounted without adjustment; there is no need for additional alignment of the measuring device.

Integration of the angular measuring system into rotary table bearings

The required installation space is reduced, which increases the size of the available machining area and makes the space in the center of the axis available for power cables, data cables, and media supply lines.


  • Incremental measuring method
  • Inductive operating principle
  • Integrated into the bearing
  • Hollow shaft and free space in the center of the axis
  • Electronic interface: analog signal SIN COS 1 Vpp
  • Electronically compatible with all conventional machine tool control systems
  • Precise angular measurement and smallest positioning scatter band
  • High reliability
  • Functional safety
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